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Jan 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
to keep him quiet. her body was found on the property on wednesday after dennis called police. in the 1960s shlgs he was convicted of kimming two teenagers. a brutal crime involving their abduction, rape and murder. he's been convicted of several other kidnap rapes. prosecute kbrers say prior murder convictions do provide a special circumstance to the current charge that could bring him the death penalty. >> i know his death jents was commute skped was given a life sentence and paroled in 1990. he's been as far as our records can tell has been law abiding citizen since then. >> i just hope they keep him and never let him go. and he just dies in jail he doesn't deserve to be out anywhere. >> they lived in the neighborhood, she was not arrested with her husband. the prosecutors told us the investigation is ongoing. it's unclear at this point what, if anything, she knew about nellie stanworth's murder ot fact the body was on the property. dennis stanworth is due back in court next week. at that time he may enter a plea and statementing made could be used at his trial n fairfield abc 7 news. >
Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
across from where dennis lives in the past decade. >> were you aware of his past? >> but i figured he had paid for his mistakes according to the law. >> he has a violent criminal history including two kidnap and rapes, a kidnap and sexual assault in may of 1966. in august 1966 the kidnap and rape and murder of two teens from pinole. on august 3rd, two days later, a kidnap and rape in pacifica. after his conviction, he made the following statements. the fact is i did it. i'm guilty as charged and there is no doubt to that fact. i had a fair and impartial trial and swear the conviction which has resulted in the sentence of death is valid. in the 1970s, california's death penalty was overturned and sentence was reduced to life in prison. this en he was granted parole in 1990. the family was well aware he had moved to vallejo circulating flyers to make sure they knew of his violent past. >> it makes no sense. i know they don't have a lot of room for him. put him in a cage and forget about him. >> that relative also told us that after her family distributed flyers in this neighborhood, they re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2